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              Good morning Traders, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are akin to offering shares to crowdfund a Blockchain or cryptocurrency based project. For example,...more
Under Day Trading posted 4 days ago.
The Bitcoin stays around the 61.8% retracement of Fibonacci, amidst a tranquil beginning of the European session. Market opinion caused via air strikes in Syria had little impact on the universe of cr...more
Under Forex posted 8 days ago.
The answers are: Guarded Yes! May be! Is the Bitcoin (BCT) off spring – Bitcoin cash (BCH) a better investment? The answer to the question is as complex as the subject cryptocurrency and attenda...more
Under Day Trading posted 14 days ago.
Since January 8, 2018, the cryptocurrency market cap has slipped from about $828 Billion to about $264 Billion on April 2, 2018. Interestingly, though during this period Bitcoin’s market share h...more
Under Day Trading posted 14 days ago.
Good Morning Friends! We at Platinum Trading Institute (PTI) wish you all a rather belated, though happy Easter. Hope that you had a good Treasure Hunt with your bunnies over the week end. Just like &...more
Under Forex posted 14 days ago.
Bitcoin made a good recovery over the weekend and broke several important levels of resistance as sentiments towards the crypts changed for the better. The currency is 7.6% higher since Friday...more
Under Forex posted 15 days ago.
The Litecoin has been living a horrible week, since the price was 25% higher when it started trading on Monday. The unpleasant story with the closing of LitePay intensified the massive sale, triggered...more
Under Forex posted 26 days ago.
    The answer is resounding yes! Cryptocurrencies still have this mythical aura surrounding them. For some irrational reasons, people are afraid of accepting them in lieu of a fiat currency...more
Under Day Trading posted 28 days ago.

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