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Introduction Since its groundbreaking introduction by Satoshi Nakamoto in a paper entitled: ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System,’ on October 31, 2008, the term Bitcoin has near...more
Under Day Trading posted 5 days ago.
Hello Traders,   Traders love to talk about trading, but it is important to define your trading talk. Successful Forex and crypto traders that fail in trading are because they look at the markets...more
Under Day Trading posted 9 days ago.
Good Morning Platinum Traders, Financial Traders are back, and liquidity should be back to normality this week. The key word for this year is Strategy. A choppy year for the Currency markets but the S...more
Under Day Trading posted 12 days ago.
     Executive Summary: With the recent explosion in the interest in Bitcoins and the attendant smaller coins, there are several misgivings that surround the evolution and future of the...more
Under Day Trading posted 13 days ago.
Despite the current unpopular sentiments about the cryptocurrencies, and in particular about Bitcoins, there are retails and technology giants – who are bullish on block chain technology, and th...more
Under Day Trading posted 19 days ago.
Hello Traders, During last few hours, we have heard this acronym FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) being repeated several times in Crypto blogs, Crypto currency trade journals, and crypto web sites. ...more
Under Day Trading posted 24 days ago.
The U.S. Dollar collapsed sharply today after Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin said the United States wanted a weaker currency. This statement comes after the U.S. Dollar has already fallen sh...more
Under ETF posted 25 days ago.
Good Morning Traders, Today we wanted to discuss the Past, Present and Future of Cryptocurrencies and crush some rumours in the market with a timeline of events that have lined up to this crypto ...more
Under Day Trading posted 27 days ago.

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